Sorsapuisto artificial ice rink and ice hockey rink

People on the edge of an ice field.

In winter, the Sports Park is an inviting skating venue for all age groups with a public artificial ice rink and a separate ice hockey rink. There are two heated locker rooms for visitors, which are open according to the opening hours. During the winter season, there is a café maintained by Hakasen Leipomo, which opens at the end of November.

In winter, an area of artificial ice 150 x 70 metres in size is created in Sorsapuisto, which can be used for speed skating or playing bandy. It mainly serves as an open skating area for skaters without ice hockey sticks.

The ice hockey rink is intended for skaters with sticks. However, the emphasis is on skating for everyone.

Free public skating slots

During public skating slots, the artificial ice rink is divided into two sections, one for skaters without a stick, and the other for those carrying ice hockey sticks. For safety reasons, no ice hockey pucks may be brought into the artificial ice rink, but you can play with a ball on the section reserved for this activity.
The public skating slots in the ice hockey rink are intended for skaters with sticks.

At other times, the venue is reserved for clubs.

The use of a stick is not allowed during the open-to-all long-track speed skating shifts. During speed skating shifts, the outer track is reserved for faster skaters and the inner track for slower skaters.

The rink is open when the conditions permit. To check the up-to-date maintenance situation, go to the Outdoor Sports Conditions Service.

For users of public skating slots

You must wear skates to go onto the ice! For safety reasons, going onto the ice in shoes and using skating poles is strictly forbidden. When you go on the ice during public skating slots, you must wear a helmet and be careful. Also take slower and younger skaters and players into consideration.

Kaleva Sports Park

Salhojankatu 35 33540 Tampere
The sports park is located at the intersection of Viinikankatu, Salhojankatu and Kalevantie.
Groundskeepers 040 7595223 (phone, local/mobile network fee)
Opening hours starting 6 May:
Monday: 08:00-21:30
Tuesday: 08:00-21:30
Wednesday: 08:00-21:30
Thursday: 08:00-21:30
Friday: 08:00-21:30
Saturday: 08:00-21:30
Sunday: 08:00-21:30

Updated 1.12.2023