Working in Tampere

People at work

Tampere, and Finland in general, continues to grow and learn although some things we have gotten right for some time now. We have a great work-life balance and employee friendly working hours and flexibilities. We understand that people do have a life outside work and we recognise and respect that. The city of Tampere has a vibrant innovative ecosystem, a growing start-up scene and plenty of work opportunities in health, technology, ICT, film industry and more.

Find out more about Finland’s work-life balance at Work-life balance - Work in Finland.

Finnish Working Life

Finland’s working hierarchies are pretty flat as we are a strong believer of equality and giving the rights for the employees to voice their opinions and ideas. The employment law in Finland ensures that an employee has a good balance between working and life outside work.

Tax Office

Vero is the Finland’s tax office, where you can, for example, request for your tax card, change your tax rate or ask them questions relating to taxation.

Tip: You can also handle your taxation matters online using your online personal identification. Find out more about taxation at

Finding Employment

Getting a job in a country you were not born in is never a piece of cake, so here are a few tips and info links to help accelerate your job search.

When looking for a job in Finland, it is advisable to be active, network and show initiative. Use different channels to find a job. Employers look for employees also in the social media – especially for expert positions. You may also contact employers directly and ask if they have any vacancies or send an open application at their website A large number of vacancies are hidden jobs and not advertised publicly. Sometimes the job application can be a video, a portfolio or, for example a web page.

Public Employment and Business Services (TE) are targeted to unemployed residents already living in Finland. Browse open positions, find interesting employers and sign up as a jobseeker at Job Market Finland (

For newcomers who just moved to Tampere and is looking for employment, it is advisable to register with TE for the integration program which provides you with free Finnish language course and support in finding jobs. Be sure to sign up on your first unemployment date in order to avoid missing any services you are could be entitled to. Click here for information about Tasks of the TE Offices | Integration (

Tips for Job Search

Here are some online sites and recruitment agencies you can find jobs in.

Some professions are regulated by the Finnish legislation. This means a specific training, qualification or the right to practice a profession is required. If you have a qualification for a similar profession abroad, it needs to be recognised and approved by the determined competent authority in Finland.

Here is a full list of the regulated professions in Finland.

Regulated Professions in Finland

Updated 25.9.2023