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Children’s Parliament

The Tampere Children’s Parliament (TLP) was established in Tampere in 2001 as a influencing channel for children in lower comprehensive school. Its aim is to make the opinions of children of lower comprehensive school age heard in decision-making in Tampere and to teach children democracy and influencing skills by means of their own age-level methods. The activities are inclusive and child-centred, in other words, the ideas originate from the children themselves and they are handled operationally in ways that are suitable for the children’s age. 

Grand assembly

In the Tampere Children’s Parliament, the highest decision-making power is exercised by the grand assembly, which brings together two representatives from each lower comprehensive school twice a year in the city council’s chamber. The grand assembly discusses issues and topics presented by representatives, issues related to children’s lives presented by experts, and matters related to the activities of the Tampere Children’s Parliament. These include the action plan for the coming year, the annual report for the past year and deciding on the operating subsidy of 10 000€.


The grand assembly is prepared and organised by a board of 20 members, whom the grand assembly elects for a two-year period at a time. The board meets twice a month and discusses not only the activities of the Children’s Parliament but also the issues that are being prepared in the various departments of the city, telling them the opinion of the children of Tampere. Some of the topics will be taken to the grand assembly, which will have the opportunity to hear children more extensively. The board also promotes initiatives from the children themselves. If you have any matters about children of Tampere that you would like to improve or develop, please contact the youth leader Teemu. 

Regional parliaments

For the regional parliaments of the Tampere Children's Parliament, Tampere is divided into six regions: the Kämmenniemi, East, South-East, South, Centre and West. The regional parliaments are made up of representatives from schools in the regions. They meet four times a year during the school day to deal with issues in their area. The topics come from the children themselves and from the various departments of the city of Tampere. The regional parliaments are more informal and functional than, for example, assemblies and government activities.  

Your chance to make a difference

If you have an idea that you would like the Tampere Children's Parliament to influence, contact the representatives or board members of your school's regional parliament or grand assembly. You can also contact Teemu Illikainen, youth leader.

Teemu Illikainen
Youth Leader
050 322 6379
Updated 18.10.2023