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City of Tampere hospi­ta­lity and Old City Hall

People at a reception at the Old City Hall.

City of Tampere hospitality

City hospitality most often means an official reception at the Old City Hall based on the discretional consideration and decision of the Mayor and hosted by the Mayor or another representative of the City of Tampere. The City covers the cost of the reception.

Non-profit organizations, societies, or event organizers interested in gaining city hospitality need to meet certain requirements and write an application. The Mayor will evaluate if the event supports the City’s strategic goals and is of reputational benefit, or if it otherwise makes the City more internationally known.  

Additionally, it is considered whether the event is intrinsically linked to the activities of the City. The City can promote international events by showing hospitality already at the bidding stage of the event.

The City provides one hospitality offering for one event.  

Criteria for gaining City hospitality

Old City Hall

Tampere Old City Hall in autumn
Old City Hall in autumn

The Old City Hall of Tampere, situated on the Central Square, was built in 1890 and designed by Georg Schreck. Originally, it housed a register office, courts of law, police office, and a council to reduce poverty. The City Hall was the center of administration, and where the city council held their meetings.  

The Old City Hall is intricately connected to many crucial events in the history of Tampere, such as the General Strike in 1905, when the so-called “Red Declaration” demanding the equal right to vote for everyone, was read from the City Hall balcony to the audience standing in the square below. During the Civil War, the City Hall was the last base of the Reds. Traces of the battle can still be seen in the stairs of the City Hall.  

The Old City Hall has been renovated twice, and nowadays the building looks very similar to the original. Since 1966, the Old City Hall has functioned as the most important venue for official celebrations, ceremonies, and receptions hosted by the City. 

Updated 17.11.2023