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Have you lost a degree or school certificate

Tampere City Archive contains certificates from the City of Tampere and Pirkanmaa joint municipal education authority and educational institutions preceding it, which can be primarily requested using the enclosed electronic form.

Some material from educational institutions is not in the City Archive yet, so they should be enquired from the educational institution.

Delivery methods 

  • Certified electronic document by email
    • Email messages containing copies of certificates are sent in an encrypted form due to the personal data. In such a case, the recipient receives with a separate messages an encrypted link that can be used to open the actual messages.
  • Certified paper copy by post

Copies of documents are delivered or can be collected no later than within two weeks of the date when the City Archive received a request for the document. The City Archive will contact the customer, if necessary, to provide or obtain further information.  

Price list

  • Certified copy 2 euros/page (note: certificates usually contain several pages)
  • Invoicing surcharge 5 euros (copies delivered by mail and email)
  • Postal expenses for paper copies 3.08 euros/consignment, 10 euros to foreign countries
Updated 13.9.2023