Pyynikki Church Park

Pyynikki Church Park includes the landscaped garden around the fountain in front of Alexander Church as well as the old, park-like cemetery. The park is located in the city centre just west of Hämeenkatu and Hämeenpuisto Park.

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The oldest part of Pyynikki Church Park was used as a cemetery from 1784 until the 1880s, when the Neo-Gothic Alexander Church was completed. The former cemetery has several old memorial stones. Prominent persons are buried in the area for family graves, while the other parish members are buried closer to the church.

The first trees in the park were some birches that were planted in 1813. Since then, the park has been expanded and more trees have been added. The area features a variety of trees, including Siberian larches, elms and limes. The park also contains Finland's largest European larch (Larix decidua), which had a circumference of 495 cm in 2008.

In the southern part of the park, close to the nearby schools, there is a children’s playground. Richard Rautalin's Spring Fountain was erected in the park in 1934.

Updated 27.7.2023