Kirjastonpuisto Park

Together with Koskipuisto Park and the factory buildings, Kirjastonpuisto Park is part of the national landscape of Tammerkoski Rapids. The park is located right in the heart of the city centre, in the area between Keskustori and Tammerkoski Rapids, opposite Koskipuisto Park.

Location on map

The key landmark of the area is the octagonal chimney of the Frenckell paper factory built in 1870 and the old Frenckell boiler room built next to it in 1907. Today, this building is home to the G Livelab Tampere music club. Next to the park are Tampere's oldest church building, the old church (1824), the bell tower (1828), Tampere Theatre (1912) and the old library (1925). At the northern end of the park there is the old Frenckell factory property and the Frenckell office building (1847), which are now used as offices of the City of Tampere. At the northern part of the park, the main cycling route continues through the Frenckell building along Patosilta Bridge and over Tammerkoski Rapids.

The different sections of Kirjastonpuisto Park were named in 2011. Next to the old Frenckell boiler room is Gustav III Square, where the Laikunlava stage is located. Next to the old church is Vanhankirkonpuisto Park. The area next to the rapids was named Vanhankirjastonpuisto Park. The park tucked in next to Frenckell is called Frenckellinpuisto Park.

The former Tammerkoski Manor courtyard

Kirjastonpuisto Park is one of the oldest public green areas in the city. In the 1700s, the park was located in the Tammerkoski Manor courtyard, which was adjacent to the old road that preceded Hämeenkatu St. The first plantings in Kirjastonpuisto Park were placed around the city’s first church, which was completed in 1824. Next to the church was the pharmacist’s garden. The park was renovated and replanted in its current form in the late 1920s, after the construction of the library building.

Flower square and stage

The park has plenty of decorative vegetation and old handsome trees, of which the largest is also lit up in the dark.

At the centre of the paved rest and recreation area in Vanhankirkonpuisto Park is a square summer flower area with ornamental apple trees. The form of the planting area is based on the pharmacist’s garden located in the park in the 19th century. Steps and sitting steps have been built between the rest and recreation area and the stage.

This stage was given the name Laikunlava and opened to the public in 2012. Laikku was the name for the old library house nearby when it was still in use as a library. In the summer, the stage hosts various park concerts and performances. The public toilet is located on the western edge of the park, next to Keskustori. The old library house now houses the Laikku Cultural Centre.

Sculptures and stumps

On the west bank of Tammerkoski Rapids can be found Professor Jussi Mäntynen's sculpture ‘Joutsenet’, which was erected in the 1930s. The sculpture shows two swans with their necks stretching towards the skies, and they are surrounded by a beautiful area of diverse perennials.

The western shore of Tammerkoski Rapids is adorned with an impressive array of canna lilies. There is also a paved spot along the shore path, which recalls the Frenckell wood pulp factory. The ruins of this factory lie underground. The buildings of the wood pulp factory also included the still-standing chimney and boiler room.

The main sculpture of the park is located outside the old Laikku library building. Väinö Aaltonen's work ‘The Fairy Blesses the Poet’ was erected in 1928 in honour of Aleksis Kivi.

Updated 2.1.2024