Kirjailijanpuisto Park

Kirjailijanpuisto Park is located in Vuores, in the district of Virolainen. The park is located between Frans Emil St and Taaatanaukio and is bordered in the east-west direction by pedestrian and bicycle routes.

The vegetation of Kirjailijanpuisto Park changes with the seasons. Flowering starts early in the spring with flower bulbs and ends with the perennial fireworks of late summer and the splendour of late autumn shrubs and hay. This ecological area, which is managed according to natural rhythms, provides a habitat for insects and butterflies as well as food for birds. There are also interesting things to look at in the planting area all year round, as the plants are left there over winter.

The diverse perennial area is bordered by an undulating art wall designed by sculptor Pertti Kukkonen. The wall and the sculptured rest and recreation area are made of coloured, precast concrete units. The surface of the wall and the floor of the rest and recreation area have verses of Tampere poets inscribed in them. These verses reinforce the name of the park itself and the theme of literature. The streets in the nearby area have also been named after Nobel Prize-winning authors.

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Virolaisen leikkipuisto

Formulateemainen leikkipuisto sijaitsee Virolaisen asuinalueen eteläpäässä Kirjailijanpuiston lähistöllä. Leikkipuiston yhteydessä on pieni kenttä katukoripallolle.
Updated 27.7.2023