Kintulammi hiking and conservation area

Woodshed at forest of Kintulammin at the lake.
Kintulammi is a great hiking area and nature reserve in the Teisko-Aitolahti region of Tampere. It is a public nature and hiking destination with trails, duckboards, lean-tos and signposts. The area is located approximately 20 kilometres outside Tampere city center in the direction of Teisko.

There are about 18 kilometres of marked hiking routes in the area and six fire pits, four of which are adjoined with an ecologically designed lean-to complex with a log shed and a dry toilet.

Facilities available to rent in Kintulammi

In Kintulammi hiking and conservation area there are two rent cottages, Kintulammi cabin and Kortejärvi farm.

Kintulammi cabin 

You can book the old lumberjacks’ cabin on the shores of Kintulammi for overnight stays. The cabin has beds for 10. A sauna with a wood-burning stove can also be found close by the Kintulammi cabin. After bathing in the sauna, the cool waters of the lake welcome swimmers. 

The main building has bunk beds with mattresses, blankets and pillows for 10. In the kitchen there is a wood-burning cooker, electric cooker, microwave oven, refrigerator, coffee maker and a few pots. There's sauna with a wood-burning stove, heated by visitors themselves. And there are composting toilet, campfire site outside the cabin and firewood shelter.

Kortejärvi farm

The old Kortejärvi farm is located in the middle of Kintulammi area. The farm came to the City's ownership in the 1990s. The farm buildings were respectfully restored in the spirit of olden times, and the charming yard environment and sauna with a wood-burning stove are available to rent. In the main building there's modern kitchen and beds for 10. 

More information

Ekokumppanit Oy, telephone 040 125 3703 (WhatsApp/txt messages) / [email protected]


Updated 4.3.2024