Loaning and returning

Henkilö palauttaa kirjaa palautuspisteellä.

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You always need a library card to loan materials. If you use the self-service machine, you also need your PIN number. When you loan materials, you get a receipt showing the due date of the material and any payments you may have to pay to the library. 

Loan periods

  • All material as a rule 28 days 

  • Vippi loans 14 days

  • magazines  14 days

  • DVDs and Blu-ray discs 14 days

  • console games  14 days (loan limit 10 pcs per customer) 

Due day reminder by email

Due date reminders help you manage your loans. You receive a due date reminder in your email 1-5 days before the due date. If you want to be reminded of an approaching due date, go to your information page on the online library and add your email address to the Contacts section. The library can also add it at your request. The reminder is free of charge. 

Please note that the library is not responsible if you do not receive the reminder. The loaner is responsible for the material they have borrowed and its renewal. 



You can renew your loans on the PIKI online library, at the library or by phone during the opening hours of the libraries. The due date of the loan ends during the library's opening hours, online at the end of the day. 

You can renew the loan 5 times unless there are reservations. Renewal is not possible if you have unpaid payments of EUR 15 or more. It is also not possible to renew loans if you are on loan ban. Vippi loans cannot be renewed. 

If you renew the loan after the due date, you still have to pay the late payment fee. 

Returning of library materials

Please return or renew your loan on the due date at latest. If you return or renew your loan after the due date, you have to pay a late payment fee. You can return the materials you have loaned free of charge to any library or vehicle of the Tampere City Library. 

Return box

The material left in the return box will be processed on the next opening day of the library. Material that you return through the return box is your responsibility. Large-sized material does not fit in the return box. 

See the libraries' own pages for details on the return boxes. 

Return requests

Return requests cost 1 €/piece to you. If you have specified an e-mail address in your customer information, the library sends return requests as an e-mail. If there is no email address, the return request is sent by mail. The third return request is always sent as a paper letter by mail. 

You can change how notifications are sent in the library's customer service or in the PIKI online library on the My Information page. 

The first return request for overdue loans will be sent 7 days after the due date, in mobile libraries 28 days later. When someone else has reserved the material you have loaned, the library sends a return request on the day after the due date. 

Another return request is sent 21 days after the due date, in a mobile library 42 days after the due date. If someone has reserved the materials, the second return request will be sent 15 days after the due date. 

Third return request is sent 35 days after the due date, in a mobile library 56 days after the due date. If someone has reserved the materials, the second return request will be sent 29 days after the due date. 

60 days after the due date, the library transfers the matter to a debt collection agency.


You can reserve material in a PIKI online library or at the libraries. You can also place reservations by phone. You can reserve material on loan or material that is physically in the library. When making a reservation, you must mention from which library you want to pick up your reservation. 

Reservation arrival notification

When the material you have reserved arrives at the library, you will receive a pick-up notification by mail, SMS or e-mail, depending on your notification settings. 

Default notification settings: If your customer information includes both a mobile phone number and an email address, the library sends the notification primarily as a text message. If there is no mobile phone number, the pick-up notification is sent as an e-mail message. It can also be sent by mail. 

You can change how pick-up notifications are sent at customer service points in libraries or in the PIKI net library on the My Information page under Message Settings. 

Regional reservation

You can also reserve material from the collections of another PIKI library in the library's customer service or in the PIKI online library. Depending on the transport route, it takes a few days for regional reservations to arrive at the library. 

Reservation fees

No booking fees are charged for the Tampere City Library's own material. 

The regional reservation fee is €2/reservation. 

The reservation fee for a reservation that was not picked up is €1. A fee is not charged for children's and young people's material, from under 15-year-old customers, in mobile libraries, from home service customers or for regional reservations. 

Late fees and replacement of material

Contact information

Notify the library if your personal data changes without delay. You can change your name by visiting the library. Address, email address and phone number information can be changed on the online library. 

Checking customer register data

You have the right to check what information about you is stored in the library's customer register. You can request your information using the appropriate forms. 

Updated 26.10.2023