Library guidance

Opastusta tabletin käyttöön.

Library staff are happy to advise you on how to use library services and offer support for everyday digital problems. 

At Metso Main Library, you can also book personal guidance on, for example, the use of e-resources and information retrieval.

Digital support from all libraries

You can ask for help with your digital problems at any library. Visit the Digital Support from the Library page for more information on open digital support, bookable guided tutorials and related events. 

Contact information for Digital Support

Digital support from the library

040 5884616 Mon-Fri from 12-15

Main Library Metso guidance

You can book free personalised guided tutorials on topics related to library services at the Metso Main Library (see the tutorial descriptions below). We offer guided tours from Monday to Friday, usually from 9am to 4pm.

Book a one-hour guided tutorial session using the e-form. We will confirm the appointment by phone or email as soon as possible, usually within three days of receiving your booking. In some cases, guided tutorial sessions can also be offered by phone or email. In the Additional Information section of the form, you can describe in more detail the issue you need help with.

Learn more about our guidance services

Updated 1.2.2024