In 2024, the beneficiaries will be seventh, eighth and ninth graders whose municipality of residence is Tampere.

Young people have a balance uploaded to the Nuorisopassi app, which can be used for sports and cultural activities. The balance is available for 7.-8. -grade students until 12.00 on 31.12.2024. The benefits of 9th graders expire on June 1, 2024. After that date, the benefits cannot be used.

You can download the Nuorisopassi app on your smartphone and log in with your school email address. You cannot use the benefits of the Nuorisopassi in advance, they are only available to you on the spot at the place of activity. The Nuorisopassi app IDs and benefits are personal.

Note! Young people in the 7th, 8th and 9th grades whose municipality of residence is Tampere but who study in other municipalities can join the Nuorisopassi by filling in a consent form:

Suostumuslomake Nuorisopassin käyttöönottoon Tampereella asuville nuorille

How to activate the Nuorisopassi app

More information

Principles for partners

As a Nuorisopassi volunteer, you will become part of a large network, gain positive visibility for your own activities and new enthusiasts. We expect you to have a high quality of leisure and/or guidance activities, commitment, reliability, initiative and the ability to develop your own activities. We use the Nuorisopassi, Finland's most widely used youth welfare application.

 This way, the process proceeds step by step:

  1. An operator interested in the Nuorisopassi contacts Darina Manina-Mäkelä or Miina Mäkinen, (contact details at the end of the page) and asks to send an assignment contract.
  2. The contractor completes the contract of assignment and sends it back to the specialist designer.
  3. The contractor will carry out recreational activities.
  4. The young person buys the service from the contractor by activating the benefit in the Nuorisopassi application (activation of the benefit only at the reception).
  5. The activated benefit is visible in the Nuorisopassi application in the balance of the young person and in the management system.
  6. The actual usage is shown in the reports that are automatically sent from the Nuorisopassi.
  7. The contractor invoices the City of Tampere electronically 3 times in spring and 2 times in autumn.

The Nuorisopassi is not a procurement contract, but a framework agreement based on an open procedure,

  • open to all suppliers who meet the eligibility criteria
  • which does not involve comparison
  • where the customer makes the final choice between them.

Contact information

Darina Manina-Mäkelä
Office Secretary
040 806 2736
Miina Mäkinen
040 159 4876

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Updated 17.5.2024