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Safety and accidents in early childhood education and preschool education

The task of early childhood education and care is to strengthen children's wellbeing and safety skills. The promotion of safety also includes systematic prevention and monitoring of accidents as well as the proper maintenance of premises and equipment.

Accident notification

In the event of an accident, the daycare centre employee will report the accident using an online form. The link to the form and more specific instructions for filing an accident report can be found in the City of Tampere intranet. The personnel representative with primary supervisory responsibility in the situation in which the accident occurred must fill in the report. A copy of the accident report will be printed out to the guardian.

The daycare centre must always fill in an accident report form when an accident has occurred, even if no immediate medical attention is required.

Compensation for accidents

Voluntary group accident insurance and compensation practice for children attending basic education, pre-primary education and day care - insurance number SP2259302

Option 1

The parents submit the invoice information form / insurance certificate received from the daycare centre to the care institution, in which case the care institution will directly invoice the city for the care costs and the city will apply for reimbursement from the insurance company. The Tampere University Hospital is an exception. Tays will invoice the client directly, in which case the client will act in accordance with Option 2.

Option 2

The parents pay the costs themselves and apply for reimbursement of medical and/or travel expenses online with the insurance company If, using the reimbursement application below. The details of the injured person and/or the incident number shall be appended to the application for reimbursement of expenses.

If reimbursement claim

Further information

For more information, e-mail: personal(at) or call tel. 010 19 17 15. Only include receipts of the costs when asked to do so.

Updated 9.2.2023