City's updated digital roadmap guides ICT development for the coming years

The digital roadmap of the City of Tampere for 2025-2028 has been completed. The Digital roadmap presents an overview of the state and themes of ICT development in the city.

The City of Tampere has updated its digital roadmap for the years 2025–2028. The digital development roadmap is an annually updated document that covers the city's digital development plans for the next four years. The digital roadmap provides a comprehensive overview of the current state and future goals of the city's digitalization.

The digital roadmap includes both citywide themes and specific ICT development themes for individual service areas.

– In a large multidisciplinary organization like a big city, there are many development projects, and they often intersect service area boundaries. The roadmap provides the city and its stakeholders with an overview of the entire development landscape from a multi-year perspective, says Maria Nikkilä, Executive Director of Digitalisation and ICT Group.

With the updated digital roadmap's development themes, the city aims to enhance and improve the impact of its services. The digital roadmap aligns identified changes in the operational environment with actions to build customer-oriented and proactive city services.

– Last year's digital roadmap release received a lot of attention outside the city. This motivates us to engage in even better planning, Nikkilä notes.

According to preliminary estimates, the City of Tampere will invest a total of approximately 48 million euros in digital development between 2025 and 2028. Of this amount, 21 million euros are allocated for benefit-based digital development, which includes new ICT solutions to improve the city's services and operations. However, the City Council decides annually on the city's budget, including appropriations for digital development.

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Maria Nikkilä
Text: Emilia Narmio
Photos: Laura Vanzo, Visit Tampere
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