In the city centre, electric scooters for hire must be parked in the parking places reserved for them

The parking of electric scooters for hire in Tampere city centre will be restricted from Wednesday 12 June. From that date, in the city centre electric scooters for hire must be parked only in the places reserved for them once their journey has ended. Outside the city centre, there will be no restrictions on parking for the time being.

The introduction of parking spaces is expected to significantly tidy up the parking of electric scooters.

Parking squares painted in the city centre in early summer

The city has been creating parking squares for electric scooters during the early summer, and the first set is now largely complete. The total number of squares and racks in the city centre is now 92, with an estimated capacity of around 1,000 scooters. In addition to the painted parking squares, the network includes previously installed parking racks for electric scooters and some bicycle parking racks.  

Symbols depicting an electric scooter are painted on the parking squares, and the rack poles are marked with scooter stickers.  Electric scooter users can the find parking places using the scooter app.

More parking places coming over the summer

During the summer, the network will be extended with additional sites, which will improve the availability of the services. The parking area in the city centre will also be slightly extended during the summer when the parking racks planned for Hämeenpuisto, for example, will be installed.

Digital no-parking zones direct users to park in spaces reserved for scooters

The parking restrictions for electric scooters for hire have been prepared under a working group appointed by the mayor, in cooperation with the operators VOI, RYDE and TIER. Operators have committed to ensuring the parking of electric scooters for hire in their designated parking locations by placing a "digital no-parking zone" around them.  This will be turned on on Wednesday 12 June 2024.  Electric scooter users will not be able to finish a journey started in the app until they are inside the parking area.

The city and the operators will monitor how the new parking system is working. Improvements to parking will be made where necessary.

Map of electric scooter parks in the city centre.
Map of electric car parks in the city centre. The green ball is a parking box, the green square is a rack and the black ball is a bike rack. Click on the image to enlarge it.

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