The vote for the Mansen Massit Community Grant has started – vote for your three favourites

The residents of Tampere will vote to decide which activities will receive a Mansen Massit Community Grant. Voting will be open from 20 May to 2 June 2024 and there are almost 100 options to choose from, from which you can vote for your three favourites. You can vote on the city's website or by filling in a form at six libraries across the city. Everyone living in Tampere has the right to vote.

You can vote online for the recipients of the Manse Masses Community Grant: Mansen Massit Community Grant voting.

Anyone living or studying in Tampere is entitled to vote. There is no age limit. No official identification is required to vote, so children and young people under the age of 18 can also vote.

In addition to online voting, you can vote in the traditional way by filling in a voting form at six libraries:

  • Metso Main Library (Pirkankatu 2)
  • Hervanta Library (Insinöörinkatu 38)
  • Koilliskeskus Library (Liikekatu 3)
  • Kämmenniemi Library (Paavolantie 4, voting only possible when staff are present)
  • Lielahti Library (Antti Possin kuja 1)
  • Tesoma Library (Tesomankatu 4)

Learn about the options before you vote

There are 93 voting options in total. You can read about them on the city's website: Voting options for the Mansen Massit Community Grant.

The options are divided into three categories according to the amount of money requested:

  • small events and activities for which the amount of Community Grant requested does not exceed €2,000
  • medium-sized events and activities with a requested amount of between €2,001 and €5,000
  • large events and activities for which the amount requested is between €5,001 and €10,000

Each voter has three votes, one for each group.

– There is a wide range of voting options, which are very different from one another. When looking for your favourite, it is worth considering whether there are any events or activities you would like to participate in. On the other hand, you can also vote for activities that you think Tampere needs more of, says Planning Officer Lotta Harsunen.

The Mansen Massit Community Grant is intended for events and activities organised by Tampere residents themselves, which are community-based, open to all and free of charge for participants. The people of Tampere decide by voting on the activities for which the money is granted. A total of €140,000 is available.

Further information

Lotta Harsunen
Planning Officer
040 568 6122
Text: Johanna Kurela
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