Tampere received an excellent rating for economic vitality

The City of Tampere took first place in the Vetovoima & Pitovoima (Reputation and Trust analytics) survey for the fourth consecutive time. Tampere also received an excellent rating for economic vitality.

The City of Tampere was able to defend its title as the most attractive city in Finland in the annual Reputation and Trust analytics conducted by T-Media. The survey was carried out for the fourth time, and Tampere has ranked first every year. In the survey, potential residents were asked to rate different areas on a scale of 1 to 5, and Tampere's average score was 3.80.

Out of the ten largest cities in Finland, Tampere was the only one to receive an excellent rating for economic vitality. Economic vitality examines whether the city is a growing economic area where businesses can thrive.

The purpose of the survey carried out at the start of the year was to understand the attraction and retention power of Finland's ten largest cities. The attraction score of the cities consists of the average of six areas: economic vitality, community, environment, location, services and cost structure.

Outside the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, the most positively rated areas of attractiveness were images associated with the community and the environment. Issues related to safety and comfort were also very important to the respondents.

Jyväskylä and Kuopio tied for the second place in the survey. The average attraction score of the ten largest cities has, however, decreased slightly among potential residents. Only Espoo and Turku have increased their appeal. Tampere's attraction score dropped by 0.04 from the previous survey.

The survey interviewed two different groups, one consisting of the city's residents and the other of potential residents. A total of 2,255 current residents and 1,709 potential residents participated in the surveys. The target group comprised 15–65-year-old Finns. The target group comprised 15–65-year-old Finns, excluding Åland.

Photos: Marko Kallio / Visit Tampere
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