Tampere is increasingly appealing

As many as 38% of Finland’s residents aged 15–79 would consider living in Tampere. The appeal of Tampere has increased by two percentage points since 2022. This is shown by the survey on Finland’s residents’ willingness to move carried out by Taloustutkimus in 2023 (Muuttohalukkuus Suomessa 2023). When moving, people tend to consider the availability of homes, the comfort of the residential area and the smoothness of everyday routines. 

According to the survey, Tampere is clearly highly attractive and popular nationwide. Tampere is on the Top 3 list of the most popular cities among the residents of the surrounding region and seven other regions. Of all the municipalities studied, Tampere has the highest rating, and it is the only municipality to reach the rating level ‘good.’

– This is an amazing result. The success story of Tampere has been built for a long time through determined work. We are known as a city where we do things together and equally. We welcome new residents, says Mayor Kalervo Kummola, delighted.

According to the survey, those planning to move within a municipality most often place importance on the comfort of the residential area when making decisions, but finding an suitably priced apartment, the distance to services and good transport connections are also very important. Furthermore, a sense of security, the distance to workplaces, functional public transport, a pleasant atmosphere and the adequacy of the area's service selection are key aspects when people consider moving.

When moving from one municipality to another, the decision-making criteria are similar, but with slightly different emphases. The most important things are finding an suitably priced apartment, the comfort and service offering of the residential area, the distance to services and good transport connections.

The survey carried out at the end of last year included all Finnish municipalities. The second most popular city is Helsinki, where 33% of respondents could imagine living, while the third most popular city is Turku with 29%. The city that came fourth, Espoo, has grown in popularity the most, by three percentage points.

Impressions and recommendations play a key role

For the respondents of the 2023 survey, it is important that everyday life is smooth and easy. The reasons for moving vary by age group. For example, things related to studies are important for young people, while functional healthcare services and the offering of senior housing are more important for seniors compared to other age groups.

– When people have not had in-depth experience of living in another municipality, friends’ recommendations, impressions and things such as tourism experiences play a key role in creating interest in moving, emphasises Timo Myllymäki, Senior Insight Manager from Taloustutkimus Oy.

According to the survey, the most preferred region is Uusimaa, where nearly half (48%) of the respondents would consider living. The next most popular regions are Pirkanmaa and Southwest Finland. The popularity of Southwest Finland has increased, but Uusimaa and Pirkanmaa are also more attractive than before.

According to the survey, it can generally be said that people are more interested in living in different parts of Finland than before, as various regions are mentioned more often than in the previous 2022 survey. A fairly large number of Finland’s residents, 11%, will need to move in the near future (within a year). For the majority of this group, moving means moving to another residence in their current municipality. However, many also have the option of moving to another municipality, either within the same county, to a neighbouring county or further away in Finland, or even abroad.

About 3,700 people speaking Finnish, Swedish or other languages as their first language responded to the Taloustutkimus survey on how willing people in Finland are to move in 2023. The study covers almost all Finnish municipalities, and it is carried out every year. 

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