Tampere supports children and young people of Kyiv during the 70th anniversary of twin cities

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the twin city agreement between Tampere and Kyiv. The cities will celebrate the cooperation, which started in 1954, with a variety of activities in both Tampere and Kyiv.

The city of Tampere, together with local and regional actors, has supported Ukraine and Kyiv in various ways since the beginning of Russian war of aggression. This support has been targeted according to the needs and wishes expressed by the city of Kyiv, in particular. As the war has continued, the city of Kyiv has requested cooperation from the city of Tampere, particularly in the areas of children, youth, and sport. 

City of Tampere will invite young people from Kyiv to a summer camp in Tampere next summer, following the camps of two previous summers. In addition, the city, together with Tappara, Ilves and the Ukrainian Ice Hockey Federation, will organise an ice hockey camp for young people from Kyiv during the winter holiday week in Tampere.

- The city of Kyiv takes care of the mental health and functional capacity of its children and young people in extremely difficult times. They have told us that sport is one of the best tools for this. We want to help them as much as we can, both in Tampere and in Kyiv," said Kalervo Kummola, Mayor of Tampere. 

This year, the anniversary of Tampere and Kyiv will be reflected in the activities of the city organisation, such as cultural services, city events, and educational institutions. There are also plans for art and culture-related collaborations with the city of Kyiv, which could also involve children and young people from both cities. 

- For our part, we want to send a message to the people of Kyiv and Ukraine that our support continues and we have not forgotten them. Despite the difficult situation in Ukraine, together with the city of Kiev, we want to honor the long shared history of our cities during this 70th anniversary year," said Mayor Kummola.

Kyiv-related events compiled on city website

The events of the anniversary year will be compiled on the city of Tampere website. Different companies, communities and associations are also welcome to register their own events related to Kyiv or Ukraine in Tampere events calendar. The programme can be organised in 2024 at any suitable time, but good options include for example Kyiv Day on 26 May, Independence Day of Ukraine on 24 August and Tampere Day on 1 October. 

Events related to Kyiv or Ukraine can be added directly to the Tampere events calendar with the tag # Tampere ja Kiova 70 vuotta. See the event registration instructions on the Tampere and Kyiv 70th anniversary website (link to the website at the end of this article).

Tampere's aid to Ukraine and Kyiv continues

The city of Tampere has made regular efforts to help Ukraine and Kyiv in the humanitarian crisis caused by the war of aggression launched by Russia. 

As soon as the Russian war of aggression began, the Tampere City Council decided to donate €150 000 in supplies and cash to the Ukrainians. Since then, the aid to Ukraine has included donation of Tampere City Transport buses which are no longer in use, and the transport of relief supplies to Ukraine. In addition, proceeds from concerts and other events organised by cultural operators in Tampere have been donated to Ukraine. The city of Tampere has also supported children and young people from Kyiv by inviting them to summer camps to Tampere in the last two years. 

Last spring, the city of Tampere participated in the Generators of Hope campaign launched by the EU Parliament and the Eurocities network, collecting generators and aggregates for Kyiv. A total of 33 generators were donated. The city of Tampere participated in the campaign by buying three generators and donating them to the collection. Last autumn, the city of Tampere, Ilves-Hockey Oy and Tamhockey Oy decided to donate half of the Tampere Cup ticket sales to Kyiv. At the same time, the Pirkanmaa Welfare County donated a water tanker to Kyiv.

Further information

Pekka Pernu
Coordination of the 70th anniversary of Tampere and Kyiv International Affairs Specialist
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Text: Pekka Pernu
Photos: Laura Happo
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