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How useful do you find the City of Tampere's website? Can you find the information you are looking for, how the site serves you, where it could be improved? Answer our user survey and help us develop the site to meet your needs. At the same time, you can win cinema tickets in a prize draw. aims to be an information site for residents and other users, providing easy access to services and making everyday life easier. provides information on current affairs and opportunities for residents to have a say, and also serves international user groups. aims to be as accessible as possible for everyone and easy to use on a smartphone. 

We are now seeking user feedback on how well the website has met these objectives, i.e. how it serves its users. The online user survey allows you to give your opinion on the website and make suggestions for improvements. You can also enter a prize draw for cinema tickets if you wish.

Based on the responses to the survey, the website will be further developed to better meet the needs of its users. The survey is open until 4 December 2023.

Website redesign and social and health services reform brought changes to

The website is the city's main communication channel. According to our early 2023 resident communication survey, residents find the most useful of the city's own communication channels for getting information about city services and activities.

The website has undergone major changes in recent years. The site was completely overhauled and the new pages were launched in spring 2022. From the beginning of 2023, social and health services were transferred from the City of Tampere to the Wellbeing services county of Pirkanmaa, which is why most of the related content was removed from the website early this year. However, basic information on the most used social and health services was also provided on until May 2023 to support the transition. Now, all information related to social and health services is available on the wellbeing services county's website.

In addition to the Finnish site, also has a slightly reduced version in English. Visitors can also use a translation tool to translate content into a wide range of languages. 

During the first year of the renewed (June 2022 - May 2023), the site had 5.9 million visits and 14.5 million page views. 65% of visitors came via a search engine. 64% of visitors used their smartphones to access the site.

The city organised the first website user survey in 1997. This year's survey is carried out by Suomen OnlineTutkimus Oy.

Updated 5.12.23: The link to the survey has been removed, the survey is closed.

Text: Satu Aalto
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