Local detailed plan proposal for Hakametsä is on display

A decision was made at the the Tampere Municipal Board on 7 November 2023 to make publicly available the local detailed plan for the Hakametsä sports campus and new housing. The old ice rink in the area will be designated as protected. The plan has been amended on the basis of feedback from the draft phase, and the majority of the northern part of Tartonpuisto park will be preserved.

The change in the local detailed plan for the Hakametsä area, which extends to the areas of Kissanmaa, Kaleva and Uusikylä, creates opportunities to develop the Hakametsä sports into a new area that combines a new sports cluster available for everyone with housing in a central location.

The aim of the Sport Campus is to provide a modern and versatile framework for enthusiasts, sports clubs and organisations, elite sports, research and development, and companies in the field. The plan also enables the establishment of a new general upper secondary school.

The local detailed plan defines the Hakametsä ice rink (Hakametsä 1) as protected. It is possible to build a new training hall south of the old Hakametsä ice rink. The plan also presents area reservations for green corridors and recreational connections and green services.

The local detailed plan area consists of three blocks for new buildings. In addition, area will be reserved in the protected ice rink block to replace the old training halls with a new one. Two of the new blocks are reserved for housing construction, and a wide range of activities can be built in the third block, including sports, teaching, business and accommodation facilities. A total of approximately 51,900 square metres of floor space is reserved for private and public sports services, teaching, accommodation, offices, administration and business.

Vehicle connections to residential blocks are planned for Takahuhdintie and Keltinkatu. Parking spaces can be located in the large block under the courtyard deck and in parking buildings in the northern part of the multi-purpose block and in the eastern part of the ice rink block. Access to sports and service blocks will be from Pelikatu and Keltinkatu.


More residences near services


A total of approximately 52,700 square metres of floor space has been proposed for the planning area. This means approximately one thousand new residents who will live near good services and public transport connections. The area is easily accessible by all modes of transport.

Buildings are apartment blocks with between five to thirteen floors. Compared to the plan draft, the number of floors has mainly been increased on the edges of the blocks that are nearest to the sports campus and Tartonpuisto, which are furthest from the surrounding residential buildings.

The northernmost two blocks previously presented in the northern part of the plan area have been removed and the remaining southern block has been expanded towards the Tartonpuisto hill. The plan is to design and develop the remaining part of Tartonpuisto in order to match it with the new area. On the Kissanmaankatu side, the green area will expand to part of the current gravel field.

In connection with the planning work, the possibility of placing a new activity park near the southern edge of the area, the Hervanta highway and the intersection of the Sampo highway will be explored. This area could utilise the structures of the planned walking and cycling bridge. It might also be possible to build a skate park. The popular dog parks in the area will be preserved. The purpose of the forest area in Hakametsä is proposed to be a protection green area with forest cover.

After the local detailed plan proposal has been publicly available and the feedback collected during this period has been processed, it will be presented for approval to the Municipal Board, the City Board and the City Council.

The proposal for a local detailed plan for the Hakametsä area will be available from 9 November to 11 December 2023. A presentation event will be organised during the time the proposal is available for viewing. The local detailed planner and other designers are available on Wednesday 22 November 2023 at 1.30–6 p.m. (13.30–18) at the Hakametsä Ice Rink ticket office at Keltinkatu 2. You can arrive for the event at a time that is most convenient to you. A brief overview of the proposal for the local detailed plan will be held at 2 p.m., 3 p.m., 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. (14, 15, 16, and 17 o’clock).

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