Construction work for the Tammela stadium is nearly complete

The shopping centre of the new Tammela stadium has been opened, and the construction of the football stadium will be completed in late November–December. The area includes the Tammela football stadium, residential blocks of flats, shopping centre and parking facility. The construction of the area began in summer 2021. 

The stadium shopping centre has among other services, a grocery store, Alko and restaurants. Apartment blocks of flats have also been completed in connection with the stadium, which offer a new home for over 400 residents.

Once the construction of the football stadium has been completed, the stadium will be handed over to Ilves Stadion Oy, which is also responsible for equipping and furnishing the interior of the stadium. The football matches for the season will begin in the new stadium in spring 2024.  

The football stadium contains 8,000 seats and meets the essential requirements of the UEFA 4 category, which means that Euro and national team games can also be played in the field.

- Tampere is among the best sports cities in the world. The new Tammela stadium promotes the position of football alongside other sports. The stadium increases the range of services available in the area and is a significant addition to the current sports and physical activity services, emphasises Mayor Kalervo Kummola.

The construction costs of the stadium are around EUR 42.7 million. The city sold the residential and business plots in the block for approximately EUR 15 million. In addition, the European Football Association UEFA has provided the city with a EUR 1 million HatTrick grant for improving football conditions and the Ministry of Education granted a EUR 750 000 sports facilities grant.

Energy from retail refrigeration equipment

Thanks to the stadium's artificial grass pitch, the field's utilisation rate will be many times that of Tammela's old natural grass pitch. Artificial grass is durable, and heating enables the field to be used nearly throughout the year.

Energy for heating the stadium and pitch comes from district heating and an energy recycling system. The condensation heat of the refrigeration equipment of the stadium grocery store is recovered and utilised to heat the shopping centre and to ensure the football field does not freeze.

Approximately half of the heat needed in the pitch comes from the energy recycling system and the rest from district heating. Similarly, it is possible to condense a significant part of the overheat of refrigeration equipment into the football field, and it will be necessary to purchase district cooling only in the summer.

Suspended roof protects the audience

A special feature of the Tammela stadium is a suspended roof, which has not been previously implemented in Finland. The roof, which provides protection for the end stands, is more than 100 metres long and is supported by 100-metre cables. Thanks to the unique architectural solution, all audience seats have unobstructed visibility throughout the field.

Extensive roadworks have been and will be carried out around the Tammela stadium. In winter 2024, the Paltsu square will be built and the water service work of Teiskontie will be finalised. Work on the Kalevan puistotie will also be completed next year.

The stadium is located in a central location near Tampere railway station, and it is easy to arrive there by public transport. A separate area is reserved for persons with reduced mobility, which can be easily accessed by wheelchair. The indoor viewing area on the restaurant premises is also accessible by lift.

The new Tammela stadium has been implemented with an alliance model, the partners of which are the City of Tampere, JKMM architects and Pohjola Rakennus. YIT was also involved in the integrated project implementation project of the stadium block.

Pohjola Rakennus has been responsible for the construction of the stadium and Salhojankatu apartment blocks. YIT has implemented residential blocks of flats, as well as commercial facilities and parking spaces on the park side of Kaleva. Tampereen Tilapalvelut Oy has been the contractee.

Further information

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Tampereen Tilapalvelut Oy Project Manager
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Virpi Ekholm
Tampereen kaupunki Real Estate Director
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Text: Raija Lindell
Photos: Laura Happo
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