Tampere Awarded Prestigious Victory at the World's Largest Smart City Event

The City of Tampere won the rare first prize at the Barcelona Smart City World Congress awards ceremony on November 8, 2023. Tampere won in the category of enabling technologies, with other finalists being Kaoshiung from Taiwan and Libelium and Zaragoza from Spain. The city received recognition for its use of technological solutions for the benefit of its residents and businesses.
Tampere's victory was secured through the replicability and usability of smart solutions, at the heart of which lies the creation of social value through intelligent solutions.

Tampere was honored for its diverse approaches to harnessing smart technology to enhance the everyday lives of its citizens and businesses. The competition presentation highlighted the city's versatile use of its smart data center, the IoT platform, ranging from security solutions to support for businesses.

Wapice Oy is Tampere’s partner in utilizing and developing the IoT platform. The system is based on the IoT-TICKET platform developed by Wapice.

This marked Tampere's third year as a competition finalist, but it was the city's first victory.

– In a competition of this high caliber, even reaching the finals is noteworthy, and winning is truly a remarkable accomplishment. This recognition reaffirms that our systematic development of a smart city is yielding results and supporting the city in achieving its goals, stated Kalervo Kummola, the mayor of Tampere.

Expertise from Tampere Can Benefit Other Smart Cities Worldwide

The city of Tampere's victory was secured through the replicability and usability of smart solutions, at the heart of which lies the creation of social value through intelligent solutions. Tampere's recipe for smart solutions includes close collaboration between the public sector and businesses, innovative and versatile utilization of existing technological infrastructure, and cooperation both within the city and with other smart cities around the world.

The evaluation of the competition emphasized how Tampere's smart solutions don't merely address local needs or problems. For instance, the city's diverse methods of utilizing the IoT platform, acting as an intelligent data center, can be replicated elsewhere. Challenges related to sustainability, safety, and the appropriate targeting of services for businesses are common to many cities worldwide.

Tampere's achievement not only benefits the city but also offers the potential for its expertise to be shared and utilized in other smart cities across the globe.

– Tampere has made great quality developement in becoming the most attractive city in the world. It’s a city that has leading in technology and leading in the adaption of metaverse technology, which is creating one of the most advanced smart city plans. You really deserve this top position, states Jose Antonio Ondiviela Garcia, Government Industry Advisor / Cities & Regions Digital Transformation, Western Europe Public Sector, Microsoft.

The victory would not have been achieved without bold thinking and cross-border collaboration

– Technological advancement and smart urban solutions are among Finland's strengths. Tampere's victory in Barcelona is a testament to this. Human-centricity and sustainable values are evident in Finland's digital strategy, which, in turn, permeates national efforts, says Anna-Kaisa Ikonen, Minister of Local Government and Regional Development.

Tampere has been systematically working on harnessing smart solutions for years.

– For example, the development of the IoT platform was the result of long-term work. Now, its benefits stem from its users: the possibilities are determined by how data is utilized. It's not a coincidence that Tampere was highlighted among the world's smart cities; we have plenty of concrete evidence, and we have systematically shared our experiences with the world, mentions Teppo Rantanen, executive director of growth, innovation and competitiveness at the city of Tampere.

Tampere actively engages in networking with companies and other cities worldwide. Collaboration with businesses and Tampere's methods for utilizing smart technology will also be showcased at the Imagine Metaverse event, taking place at Nokia Arena on June 11-12, 2024.


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