15-year-old Pauliina Mannerhovi stepped into the role of Mayor Kalervo Kummola

In honor of International Day of the Girl, City of Tampere and Mayor Kalervo Kummola participated in Plan International’s #GirlsTakeover event, in which hundreds of girls all over the world step into the roles of leaders for a day to demand equal power, freedom and representation for girls and young women.
Kalervo Kummola and Pauliina Mannerhovi.
Mayor Kalervo Kummola handed over his seat to Pauliina Mannerhov.

The City of Tampere participated in the #GirlsTakeover-event on Tuesday 10 October, when 15-year-old Pauliina Mannerhovi stepped into the role of the Mayor of Tampere for a day.

During the day, Mannerhovi got to know the Mayor's job description, participated in meetings and met the players of Manse PP at the Kauppi baseball stadium.

Matti Helimo, Lauri Savisaari, Juha Yli-Rajala, Pauliina Mannerhovi and Kalervo Kummola at the meeting.
Mannerhovi spoke to the city leadership about equality in sport and the equal treatment of male and female athletes.

This year's theme of #GirlsTakeover is equality in sport. According to Mayor Kummola, sports communities can set an example for others and break down gender role barriers.

 ‒ Sports affect almost all of us. That is why barriers to excercise must be removed, and we also have the will as a city to help meet the mobility recommendations for every age group, regardless of gender. Equal opportunities for physical activity can help children and young people to learn a lot, strengthen their self-confidence and social relationships, the Mayor says. 

Mannerhovi also stresses the link between sport and self-esteem:

‒ For many girls, sport is an important hobby. The way they are seen an treated in the world of sports affects their self-esteem. 

Maija Vastamäki, Pauliina Mannerhovi, Venla Tanhua and Sylvi Pellonperä at Kauppi baseball
Mannerhovi met the players of Manse PP baseball team Maija Vastamäki (left), Venla Tanhua ja Sylvi Pellonperä. According to them, there is still room for improvement in gender equality in sport, but baseball is moving in the right direction.

‒ Municipalities and cities make the decisions that are closest to the people who live there. Cities must therefore be responsible actors that promote equality and social justice. Everyone should have the opportunity and ability to fulfill themselves and be an active part of the community, says the Mayor.

The City of Tampere is committed to the principles of the equality and non-discrimination plan in all its activities. The plan, adopted earlier this year, aims not only to promote gender equality but also to increase the recognition of gender diversity.

Pekka Salmi, Pauliina Mannerhovi and Matti Helimo.
Mannerhovi discussed sports opportunities for young people with the Deputy Mayors. Pekka Salmi (left) and Matti Helimo pose in the picture with Mannerhovi.

‒ Everyone in Tampere, regardless of age or background, can be themselves in safety. This is promoted, for example, through equality and equity plans and models for dealing with bullying and violence, and the principles of safer spaces," says Kummola.

According to Mannerhovi, cities can promote equality through concrete actions:

‒ For example, cities can ensure that sports facilities are accessible to all and that there is a fair distribution of shifts between men's and women's teams and between different sports.

Kalervo Kummola and Pauliina Mannerhovi high five together.
Mayor Kalervo Kummola says that gender equality will be a part of Tampere also in the future.

‒ I would like to see people become more open-minded and to remove unnecessary gender restrictions from society. I hope that by following #GirlsTakeover, girls will see what opportunities they have and where they can end up in the future, says Mannerhovi.

According to Mayor Kummola, it is essential to promote equality at all levels, from local to global. Creating an equal society is an important task for the future, and municipalities and cities have a wide range of means to promote it.

The city will also celebrate gender equality by hosting the International Gender Equality Prize award gala on 11 December.

‒ Finns have historically been pioneers in the field of equality. Leading the way in the future means making a difference and keeping the issue on the table. That is why Tampere is proud that the International Prize for Gender Equality will again be awarded here, says the Mayor.

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Text: Ilona Reinikainen
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