New calendar brings together events and activities in Tampere

The Tampere Events and Activities Calendar for residents and tourists was renewed at the beginning of August. Events in Tampere and the Tampere region are now available at To find out what the region has to offer in terms of hobbies and other activities, visit Information on events and activities can be added to the calendar free of charge.

The Tampere Events and Activities Calendar brings together in one place events and various hobbies and activities in Tampere and the surrounding area in Finnish and English.

– The calendar is a main source of information for people living in Tampere and visiting the city. The events section of the calendar announces major cultural and sporting events as well as smaller yard sales and block events. On the activities side, you can look for information about short courses or regular hobby groups, says Anni Joela, Project Manager at the City of Tampere.

You can search for content that interests you using the calendar's search functions. In addition to the keyword search, you can filter content by time, region, target group and category.

Events and leisure activities can be entered in the calendar

The calendar is available free of charge to associations, businesses and other organisations that organise events and activities open to all. The calendar also includes activities organised by the City of Tampere.

– Entering new content is simple. Events are entered in the page and various activities in the page. Both have a button at the top of the homepage that you can click to enter content. There is a short video tutorial at the beginning, which is recommended to watch, Joela says.

The first time the user logs in, they create a personal user account. The user also creates an event organiser profile for the association, company or other group they represent, including contact details. This profile information is saved and does not need to be re-entered on the next login.

The information about the event or activity is entered into the calendar using a simple form. Events are categorised using the categories on the form. If necessary, the content can be saved as a draft and published later.

– It is a good idea to include an image of the event or activity. However, you must have permission to use the photo in accordance with publication and copyright law, Joela points out.

The new content submission form makes it easy to create an English/Finnish version of the same announcement. There is no need to re-enter the time and place information. When translating, you can use the translation function in the calendar.

The information entered in the Tampere Events and Activities Calendar is automatically shown in other communication channels, such as the Tampere.Finland mobile app, Visit Tampere's events calendar and Aamulehti's Menokone. Later on some of them will also be displayed on the city's website.

Associations and other event organisers can also use the calendar to add event views to their own websites. 

Further information

Anni Joela
Project Manager
040 721 9867
Text: Johanna Kurela
Photos: Johanna Kurela
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