Reading takes you places ‒ Tampere introduces a tram that spreads the joy of reading

Starting from Monday June 12, you can spot a tram celebrating the world of reading and books in Tampere. The sides of the tram car differ from each other, and each side has its own visualization.

One of the trams on the rails is covered with more than 40 art works by the students of Sara Hildén Academy. The taping was produced in collaboration with Tampere city marketing, Tampere city library and Sara Hildén Academy.

‒ The students of Sara Hildén Academy took to illustrating the stories with great enthusiasm. Reading is a dear hobby for many students in the visual arts school. Different art forms enable children and young people to approach phenomena in different ways, including challenging topics, and provide tools to create new desirable realities, says Heidi Saramäki, Vice Principal of the Adult Education Centre of the Tampere Region in the Sarah Hildén Academy. 

Public discussion related to reading is marked with concern: the reading skills of children and young people have weakened and reading as a hobby is fading.

With covering the tram with artwork, the goal is to emphasize the fun of reading and the opportunities, new worlds and adventures which open up through it. Reading can inspire dreaming, and it helps to understand the world, other people, and oneself.

‒ The tram brings out the diversity of reading as a hobby. Everyone should read exactly what brings joy to themselves. There are many ways to read: For some, a traditional book is the way to go, and for others, audiobooks have opened the door to the world of books. A library is a great place to start the reading journey. Our reading tips and services are on display on the tram during the summer and fall, says Hanna Huovinen, Head of Services of the Tampere Library. 

The tram is in service until the end of 2023. 

Further information

Jonna Nyholm
City of Tampere Markkinointiasiantuntija
040 674 3617
Hanna Huovinen
Tampere Library Head of Services
040 536 8644
Heidi Saramäki
Education Centre of the Tampere Region, Sarah Hildén Academy Vice Principal
040 806 3583
Text: Jonna Nyholm
Photos: Nina Roine / PunaMusta Media
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