Innovative Robot Showcases Real-Time Video and Data from a Tram at Tampere Smart City Expo & Conference

Visitors at the Tampere Smart City Expo & Conference encountered a roaming robot equipped with innovative technology, displaying multi-directional live video and data from a tram. This robot utilizes the advancements of 5G millimeter wave technology, enabling new forms of interaction and near-zero latency in data transmission speeds.
Konferenssihuoneen keskellä on robotti, jonka näytöltä näkyy päiväkotilapsia. Ympärillä konferenssin osallistujia.
The robot facilitated a live connection to a local daycare center at Tampere Smart City Expo & Conference. Picture: Sonja Pollanen

During the smart city event held at Nokia Arena on June 6-7, the Danish developed self-driving infotainment robot named Gallery captivated attendees. It consisted of a large dual-sided display, offering a real-time view of the tram's journey and pedestrian flows in Tampere through live video and data. The transmission of the  multi-directional live video to the robot was made possible by utilizing 5G millimeter wave network. The presence of the robot at the event was a collaborative effort involving the City of Tampere, Nokia, Kepit Systems, Skoda Group, JTA Connection,  and the Danish company Autonomous Units. 

–Gallery-robot serves as an intriguing example of the City of Tampere's collaboration with companies, swiftly turning ideas into reality. The concept for the robot emerged during a joint meeting with Nokia, and with the support of a strong partnership network, we identified Autonomous Units in Odense, Denmark as the supplier, stated Maiju Viiki, Key Account Manager at the City of Tampere, who is involved in the Smart City for Citizens development program. 

From the city's perspective, the robot enables testing of new use cases related to connectivity, which can later be utilized and scaled in urban development. 

–Smart venues offering 5G mmWave connectivity enables large capacity and ultra-high data speeds for users even when thousands of visitors are experiencing the event simultaneously. 5G mmWave connection at Nokia Arena, provided by Nokia and Elisa, ensured flawless content streaming to the Gallery robot during the Tampere Smart City Expo & Conference, says Lauri Alho, Head of Ecosystem Development at Nokia.

The robot facilitated a live connection to a local daycare center  

In addition to the digital displays, the robot utilized a camera, speakers, and microphones in the room, enabling interaction through the robot. These features were tested during a panel session Information and Technology Policy in the Government Programme – What should be done by the new Government?, where a connection was established with a Sunshine Early Learning daycare center in Sorsapuisto, Tampere. The participation of children from the daycare center brought a future perspective to the smart city event. Children were particularly interested in the possibilities of robotics technology: can robots dance, and could a robot hot air balloon be built.

–We are very pleased to be part for this collaboration between innovative partners here at the Tampere Smart City Conference & Expo and that our Infotainment-robot, developed in Denmark, can play its part in what is truly a world first combination of state-of-the-art technologies. At Autonomous Unit, we have a vision about creating confidence in robotics through positive interaction between humans and autonomous technologies and we are looking forward for this being one good showcase”, said Søren Bjerre, CCO and co-found of Autonomous Units.  

More information:

Maiju Viiki 
City of Tampere

Key Account Manager
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Nokia communications
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Søren Bjerre
Autonomous Units
CCO, co-found
[email protected]

Arttu Rautio
Kepit Systems Oy
Customer Relations Manager
[email protected]

Juho Pulakka
JTA Connection
Technical Director

[email protected]

Mostynova Michaela
Skoda Group
Marketing and Communications Specialist
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Jenni Lenihan
Sunshine Early Learning Centre 
Managing Director, Early Childhood Education Manager
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Text: Elina Uusitalo
Photos: Sonja Pollanen
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