Phishing emails have been sent from the email addresses of the city of Tampere

In the emails receiver is asked to click on a link or sign a document. If you have received such a message, delete it.

Phishing emails have been sent from several email addresses ending in Most of the messages have been sent to the personnel of the city of Tampere, but it is possible that messages have also been sent to other organizations and residents.

How to recognize a phishing message

The current scam emails appear to be secure emails or signature requests. In authentic-looking email messages, you are asked to open a protected message or open a signature request. After that, a login page will open, asking you to log in with your Windows credentials. The login information ends up in the hands of a phisher as this is a scam.

What to do if you receive a phishing message

  • Delete the message, do not click on images, links, or attachments.
  • If you think that the message could be genuine, verify its authenticity through another means, such as calling the sender. Do not reply to the email or forward the message.
  • If you have already clicked on a link in the email and provided your information, immediately change your Windows service password.

Further information

Ari Andreasson
Data Protection Officer
Text: Hanna Porrassalmi
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