The construction work of the Tampere City Central Office Building can start on the beginning of May

The City of Tampere and YIT have signed a contract for the implementation phase of the Tampere City Central Office Building renovation and extension project. This means that the project will now enter the implementation phase and construction work can start on the beginning of May. The project is implemented as a cooperative project management contract. During the development phase, the scope of the project has been revised and the cost has been fixed at EUR 49 million.
The view shows a white building with the taller part in the foreground and the lower part on the left along another street.
Conceptual drawing: KVA Arkkitehdit Oy

The work will start with the demolition of the interior of the office building. The demolished part will be replaced by a new five-storey building seeking a four-star RTS environmental rating. The southern and northern parts of the old property will be renovated. 

– The development phase has been successfully completed and we are now ready to move on to the implementation phase. During the development phase, we drew on the experience and expertise of the different parties to ensure smooth and risk-free construction. It has been a while since the first sketches of the project, but now it’s great to start the actual construction, says Petri Saarinen, Project Manager, Tampereen Tilapalvelut.

The combination of remote and local working in use will allow staff previously working in Frenckell and the Office Building to be accommodated in the new Office Building. In three years' time, the building will serve as an office for around 900 employees and as a meeting place for the trust bodies.

– The aim of the project is to successfully develop a working environment and culture so that the new office building and its culture support successful working and well-being at work. The aim is also to achieve financial savings. We are also pleased that the first floor of the new building can be opened to the citizens, says City of Tampere Group Chief Executive Officer, Juha Yli-Rajala.

Once the project is completed, the street level floor, which will house a service desk, restaurant and exhibition space, will be gradually opened to the public. The street level also provides access to the 2nd floor conference and training centre. The Council Chamber will remain on the 4th floor. The construction plan has been made with accessibility in mind. Special attention is paid to the versatility of the spaces, their adaptability and the energy efficiency of systems and equipment.

– During the development phase, we have been in close and transparent cooperation with the City of Tampere. Measures in the development phase have focused on ensuring an environmentally and otherwise safe implementation of the project, as well as identifying and managing potential risks. We have also discussed the implementation of weather protection and ensuring the feasibility of the plans, in addition to making preparations for procurement and production plans, says Janne Korja, Project Development Director at YIT.

The office building was designed by Aarne Ervi, and the listed building was completed in two parts in 1967 and 1975. There are also many works of art in the building, which have been moved to a shelter during construction. Ceramic artist Birger Kaipiainen’s large-scale work, the Orvokkimeri (“Sea of Violets”), completed in 1967 for the Montreal World’s Fair, has been protected and left on the property for the duration of the project. 

Further information

Petri Saarinen
Project Manager
040 767 1981
Sami Ylipihlaja
Manager of well-being at work
040 530 9026
Janne Korja
Project Development Director, Housing and Business Premises
050 385 1615
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