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6.6.2022 09.00

Reply to the survey on equality and non-discrimination in Tampere

The City of Tampere has launched a survey to find out how Tampere residents feel about equality and non-discrimination in the city and its services. You can answer the survey by 26.6.2022, either online or by filling in a paper form available at the Local Markets (meeting places) and libraries. In addition to Finnish, you can also answer in several other languages. The results of the survey will be used in drafting the city's Equality and Non-discrimination Plan.

The City of Tampere will update its Equality and Non-discrimination Plan this year.  As part of this, a survey directed at the residents will be carried out, to gauge their experiences of equality and non-discrimination in the City of Tampere and its services.

The survey is open to all residents of Tampere, regardless of whether or not they have been treated in a discriminatory or unequal way.

The survey is open online between 6.-27.6.2022. Reply to the survey.

The survey is available in paper form at the Local Markets and libraries of the city.  In addition to Finnish, the survey can be answered in English, Swedish, Russian, Estonian, Arabic, Persian/Farsi and Somali.

– We want to find out how Tampere residents experience the state of equality and non-discrimination in the city and its services, in order for us to identify issues that need improvement, says Annamari Tuominen, the city’s Equality Coordinator.

The results of the survey will be used to update the Equality and Non-discrimination plan of the City of Tampere.  The plan will set out how the City of Tampere promotes equality and non-discrimination in its own activities, as well as how it prevents and addresses discrimination. The plan will be completed around the turn of the year, 2022-2023.

Reporting inappropriate treatment

– I hope that the survey will be answered in particular by those who have experienced discrimination or unequal treatment, Tuominen continues.

Discriminatory or inappropriate treatment should always be reported, for example by leaving written feedback or reporting the matter to a supervisor. It is a good idea to report it immediately, so that the matter can be dealt with as soon as possible.  If there is no reply to your feedback, the matter can be referred to the National Ombudsman for Equality.  Treatment that meets the criteria for a criminal offence can also be reported to the police.

– It should be remembered that not all bad or seemingly unequal treatment always constitutes discrimination. It is discrimination if someone in the same situation is treated less favourably than others simply because of some personal characteristic. These characteristics may include e.g. age, sex, disability, ethnic background or sexual orientation, says Equality Coordinator Tuominen. 

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Equality coordinator Annamari Tuominen
040 801 6188
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