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30.5.2022 15.01
Woman browsing the web by her smartphone.

The City of Tampere’s new website is published

The new website offers easy-to-find information about the city’s activities and smooth access to services. Attention has been paid particularly to ensuring the website’s smooth accessibility on different devices, especially on smartphones.

Throughout the process, the users of online services, such as residents, have been asked to share their views to support the development of the new online service to best serve the users. The new website is made to be more customer-oriented, user friendly and accessible.

The website does not include all the features yet, and especially some contents in English is missing.

Most of the 3.4 million users enter the site through a search engine

The website is the city’s most important communications channel. It has gained more and more users each year. In 2021, the website had 3.4 million visitors and 21.4 million downloads. 65 per cent of users entered the website through a search engine. 58 per cent of the visitors used a smartphone to access the site.

At the end of 2020, the city tendered the implementation of on the Drupal platform. Exove Oy won the tender, and the implementation project started in March 2021.

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