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Sinipaitainen kaupungin työntekijä haastattelee tamperelaista kadulla.

Responding to surveys is an easy way to participate in the development of the city's activities. The surveys and their results are reported in the city's news and on the website.

Some of the surveys are addressed to all residents of Tampere. There are also surveys for people of different ages and at different stages of life. Regularly recurring surveys include:

  • Tampere resident’s well-being survey
  • City of Tampere safety survey  
  • Survey for families with 4-year-old children  
  • Survey for children aged 6 and their families  
  • School Health Promotion study

Ongoing surveys

You can find the currently open surveys as well as other ways to participate on the Participate and have on impact homepage: Participate and have an impact.

Updated 7.3.2024