Ratinanniemi has previously served as a parking area and athletes’ warm-up area next to Ratina Stadium. Pedestrian and bicycle connections improved with the completion in 2010 of Laukonsilta Bridge, which crosses the Ratina backwaters. The Laukonsilta bridge provides access from Laukontori Square to Ratina and further along Ratinanranta via the park paths to Hatanpää and Härmälä.

In recent years, the park area of Ratinanniemi has been developed with the construction of lawn areas and paths. The dog park was also renovated in 2010. Many different events are organised in Ratinanniemi, especially during the summer.

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Next to the Ratina Bridge, there is the small Ratinannokka Park. It was built in 2012 and its plants and paths are bordered by gabion walls. An artificial turf exercise point complete with workout equipment was built in 2013 under the Ratina bridge, and it had new bodyweight exercise equipment added to it in summer 2016.

Updated 27.7.2023