Heinäpuisto park

Heinäpuisto Park is located in central Tampere, close to Pyynikintori Square. The park borders on Ilomäentie to the west, Pirkankatu St to the north, Heinätori parking area to the east and Heinätori St to the south.

The central part of the park is dominated by diverse ornamental grasses and small trees that flower in the spring. The ornamental grasses also include flowering perennials and bulbs plants, ensuring that the park’s vegetation creates a unique atmosphere all year round. At the heart of the park is a large wooden platform that serves as a shared rest and recreation area.

Broad, stone-built terrain steps descend from the western part of the park down to the eastern part. On the western edge of the park, there are two flat areas covered with fine gravel that are suitable for playing petanque. A lit corridor for light traffic runs through the park as an extention of Kisakentänkatu, connecting eventually with Pirkankatu.

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Updated 27.7.2023