Lake Koukkujärvi nature trail in Vuores

Koukkujärvi is a small forest lake in Vuores that is circled by a nature trail of about 1.5 kilometres. Along the route, there are nine information boards that give you the chance to ‘dive’ deeper into the surrounding nature. Duckboards have been laid out in the wettest areas of the trail. The shores of Koukkujärvi are mostly marshy, so you can find there plants and berries such as wild rosemary, marsh violet, cloudberries and cranberries. The nature trail passes through an almost treeless open swamp and an alder stand that is a protected nature reserve. If you are lucky, you can spot a protected lilypad whiteface dragonfly.

The route is clearly marked and fairly easy-going, but not wheelchair accessible. The nature trail can be reached, for example, via the duckboards at the end of Koukkuaurankatu. Bicycles and cars can be parked along Koukkuaurankatu. By local bus you can reach Vuoreskeskus, which is about half a kilometre away from the nature trail.

Updated 26.9.2023