Hervantajärvi and Suolijärvi nature trails

The Suolijärvi nature trail in Hervanta currently runs in its entirety along the shoreline of the lake. The trail is about 4.5 km long, and many types of marsh and grove plants can be found along the route. In places, the Lake Suolijärvi landscape is powerfully shaped by steep cliffs and massive boulders.
The Hervantajärvi nature trail, on the other hand, is located south of Ruskontie and is mostly within the Makkarajärvi-Viitastenperä nature reserve. The trail is about four kilometres long, but there are several alternative routes that offer a slightly longer journey. The nature trail is part of the Southern Häme grove-rich area. It features rocky and peaty forests, marshes, groves and shore zones rich in common alder. The trail also runs around Lake Makkarajärvi, which is located in the middle of a raised bog.

Please note that there are no information boards for the Suolijärvi and Hervantajärvi routes. In addition, the routes have more difficult points and sections with roots and stumps, so they are not wheelchair accessible. When coming from Lake Hervantajärvi, it is a good idea to start the trail from the old landfill parking area along Ruskontie. When coming from Suolijärvi, a good option is the parking area for the Suolijärvi Beach. Both of these parking areas are suitable for cars and bicycles. The trail can also be reached by local bus.

Updated 30.12.2022