Submitting procurement suggestions to the library

Asiakas ja virkailija katsovat yhdessä kirjaa.

All procurement suggestions are considered, but unfortunately the library cannot cater to everyone’s wishes. For example, due to reasons related to copyrights, all DVDs and CDs on the market cannot be procured at the library. 

Before submitting a procurement suggestion, check the work’s situation from the PIKI online services of the libraries or by asking directly at your library. You may also want to check out the collections of Tampere University and higher education institutions, as we try to avoid procuring several copies of the same materials in libraries in the same city unnecessarily. 

With the remote service, you can order materials from other Finnish or international libraries as well. You can browse the collections of all Finnish libraries in the Finna service

Things to know regarding the processing of suggestions 

Suggestions are processed within a couple of weeks. The person who made the procurement suggestion will not be notified of the decision, and no reservations are made to them with regard to the material in question.

If the suggested material is ordered for the library collection, it can be found in the ordering phase in the PIKI online services of the libraries, which is also when a reservation can be made for it.

Updated 7.2.2023