Construction works affect the access routes of Nekala Library

The change of the Nekala school into a cultural space has begun, and the library's access routes will be affected.

The renovation of the Nekala school has begun. Nekala Library will be open to customers as usual during the renovation, but the renovation will affect the library's access routes. There will be no parking spaces for customers in the vicinity of the library during the renovation.

During the construction period, the Nekala library can be reached by foot and by bike from the Ahlmanintie side, next to the bus stop (Nekalan koulu 3029). 

The renovation will be carried out inside the Nekala school, and digging of the foundations around the building will also be carried out. At times, the work may cause noise disturbance to the library.

The estimated duration of the project is from July 2024 to December 2025.

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