Haihara Art Center’s June exhibition examines the surrounding world through multiple layers

The exhibition by eleven artists features paintings, photographs, ceramics, and literary art.
Esittävä maalaus käsistä harmaalla ja tummansinisellä taustalla
Aino Raatikainen

“Kerrostumia” ("Layers") is the third joint exhibition by the Kytkös artist group. The exhibition has been juried by visual artist Tarmo Paunu. The group formed through shared art studies and consists of eleven members, resulting in a diverse collection. On display are paintings, photography, literary art, and ceramics.

The theme of the exhibition is reflected in the works through various layers of materials and techniques. Past and present intersect in everyday objects and details, imbuing them with sensitivity. Imagery and reality converge in landscape and animal pictures, while the uniqueness and incompleteness of human life are portrayed through water and sky layers.

In addition to Scandinavian nature, animals, and everyday objects, the artworks also feature playful flowers and plants, ancient heroes with their feats, and dreamlike, color-saturated images from Africa.

Kytkös artist group:

Marjaleena Erkkilä, Maria Haataja, Päivi Ilveskoski, Teija Jutila, Kirsti Järvensivu, Jenni Kirkkomäki, Saara Levoskin-Saavalainen, Kaija Pispa, Aino Raatikainen, Ohto Sabel, Eija Sappinen.

Artist group Kytkös: Kerrostumia (Layers)

Haihara Art Centre, Talli (Haiharankatu 30)

Open tuesday-sunday. Closed for Midsummer weekend.

Opening hours 12 pm to 18 pm.

Free admission.

Further information

Anna Värri
Cultural Producer
Text: Anna Värri
Photos: Aino Raatikainen
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