The Penkkarit event drives through Hämeenpuisto on Thursday, 8 February

The school-leaving festivities (Penkkarit) of final-year high school students will take place on Thursday 8 February 2024 from 13-14 in Hämeenpuisto.

The lorries will leave from the upper secondary schools and arrive in Hämeenpuisto at 13.00. The ride will last about an hour, after which the cars will return to the schools on their own routes.

In total, just over 50 lorries will transport the Abs. All the upper secondary schools in the city of Tampere, Pirkkala upper secondary school and Tredu's units providing upper secondary education in Tampere are involved.

As a rule, the posters are placed on the left side of the trucks, on the driver's side, so the best viewing spots are in Hämeenpuisto. The traditional benches will also be thrown to the public on the Hämeenpuisto side.

Further information

Mari Aalto
Director of Upper Secondary Education
040 187 4593
Text: Sanna-Kaisa Nevala
Photos: Veli-Matti Lahdenniemi
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