Participate in a survey on the summer maintenance of parks and traffic routes

How do you think Tampere succeeded in the maintenance of parks and streets this summer? Do you find the streets, parks, playgrounds, marketplaces and squares clean, pleasant and safe? Please respond to the survey by 8 October 2023. You can also participate in the Tampereen Infra’s gift card draw.

Please give us feedback on your own neighbourhood, the city centre, or another area of your choice. You can evaluate the maintenance level of traffic routes and parks, the condition of street surfaces and lighting, and the adequacy of the number and emptying intervals of waste bins on a scale of 1–5. You can also provide free-form comments. Filling the survey takes a few minutes.

The city’s public areas are maintained by the Tampereen Infra, assisted by private contractors.
“We carry out many kinds of maintenance work in park areas during the summer, such as planting, playground repairs, lawn maintenance, and sanitation work”, says work manager Teemu Kylmäkoski from the Tampereen Infra. 

Private property owners are responsible for collecting litter from the street next to their plot.

Residents can give feedback year-round at the Tampere service point as well as report faults using a map-based feedback system. You can also report a fault using the Tampere Finland app available on your phone’s app store.

Further information

Teemu Kylmäkoski
Tampereen Infra Oy Work manager
040 801 6376
Kirsi Mäntysaari-Ukkola
City of Tampere, Green area specialist (reachable at 13th of September)
044 423 5778
Text: Tarja Nikupaavo-Oksanen
Photos: Taavi Tihkan
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