Digital service lets seniors sing, exercise, read and watch performances together

Lämpiö (“Foyer”) is a nationwide digital platform developed jointly by five cities and two IT companies, where older people can interact with each other. The platform was developed especially to serve older people living at home who do not have physical access to cultural and wellness services. The service allows older people to enjoy concerts in the comfort of their home, exercise to easy home workout videos or participate in virtual book clubs.

Video content can be viewed live or as recordings. The service enables real-time interaction with other participants, as people watching the same programme can connect with each other via chat or video call. The theatres, artists, organisations and other partners making live broadcasts for the service are also able to contact their audiences.

The service has been developed by the cities of Tampere, Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Oulu, and Turku together with two Finnish companies, Vooler and Codaone. Cultural operators, organisations and other content providers from all over Finland are also involved, and older people have been contributing to the development work right from the start.

From a joint project to a digital service

Lämpiö was launched in January 2021 as a joint project of the participating cities, funded by the municipal digitalisation incentive granted by the Ministry of Finance. The joint project ends on 31 August 2023. The cities have committed to the development of the service for a three-year contract period. For example, the City of Helsinki’s cultural services plan to adopt it as one of their platforms for digital content.

The first version of the service is ready and open to all.

Upcoming programme in Lämpiö

  • 24 August at 13.00 Lämpiö launch event Performances by Eino Grön, Iiro Rantala and Sirkus Magenta. The event features video greetings from the platform’s partner cities. The broadcast is streamed live on the platform from Helsinki City Hall.
  • 22 September at 13.00 Playback theatre by Q-teatteri Audience members share memories, thoughts and stories from their lives and watch them enacted on the spot by professional actors as short improvised scenes. Sharing personal experiences is voluntary – you can also come just to watch and listen to the performance.

In addition, a series of live broadcasts entitled Nostalgian siivin (“On the Wings of Nostalgia”) will open in Lämpiö in the autumn, featuring Pepe Willberg, Pasi Kaunisto, Milana Misic and Juhamatti, among others. Recordings of the broadcasts will remain in the service. Heikki Kahila’s podcast series Kahvia Kahilan kanssa (“Coffee with Kahila”) will also be released in the service during the autumn. In addition, there will be a live discussion about the podcast. More detailed dates and times will be updated in the service during the autumn.

Further information

Anna Szalay
Head of Development
044 481 1774
Text: Katja Kinnunen
Photos: Maarit Hohteri
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