Park meals for children and young people in five areas – new location Lielahti

This year, Tampere provides park meals for children and young people in five areas from 5 June to 27 July 2023: Hervanta, Kaukajärvi, Lielahti, Peltolammi, and Tesoma. The park meals are served from Monday to Thursday from 11:00 to 13:00. Games, playing and other activities are organised during the first hour. Mealtime is at 12 o’clock, when everyone aged under 16 receives a free meal.

– Park meals offer the whole family an opportunity to participate in a nice, summery activity. Children get to meet each other, play together and participate in guided activities, such as circus or theatre games, music lessons or exercise. During the event, the children are the responsibility of their own adults, describes project planner Heidi Rantanen from the City of Tampere.

– After the organised activities, the actual mealtime begins at noon, when the City offers a free meal for everyone aged under 16. Anyone can join in and no registration in advance is needed. However, we hope that those coming to eat bring their own dishes and cutlery with them. This reduces the need for disposable tableware, Rantanen continues.

Programme and menus available on social media

The City of Tampere has organised park meals for children and young people already in previous two summers. This year, the activities expand to a new area, as park meals will be served also in Lielahti, in addition to Hervanta, Kaukajärvi, Peltolammi, and Tesoma.

Changes were also made to the park meal locations. In Hervanta and Tesoma, park meals have been relocated from the beach to a more central location.

This summer, park meals are organised in five locations:

  • Ahvenispuisto park in Hervanta (Valtaraitti 24)
  • Riihiniemi beach in Kaukajärvi (Järvikatu 14)
  • Lielahti Manor Park (Tehdaskartanonkatu 38)
  • Peltolammi beach (Rukkamäentie 20)
  • Veikonpuisto park in Tesoma (Tesomajärvenkatu)

Park meals are prepared by Pirkanmaan Voimia. The menus can be checked in advance on their website.

Next week’s menu and weekly programme for each area will also be published in Finnish on the park meals’ social media channels on Facebook and Instagram.

– You should definitely follow the park meals’ social media channels. Different areas organise unique activities that vary daily. Families can go on a park outing to try circus activities, to dance and sing with a favourite band, or to blow fantastic giant soap bubbles, suggests Rantanen.

Park meals are organised by the City of Tampere in cooperation with other actors. The three main partners are TampereMissio, Kansalaistalo Mansikkapaikka, and Pirkanmaa wellbeing services county. In addition to these, several Tampere parishes, organisations, associations, clubs, companies, as well as numerous individuals are involved in organising the park meals.

Park meals are made possible by the Tampere Junior development programme. Park meals and related guided activities are part of Tampere's Child-Friendly Municipality development work.

Further information

Heidi Rantanen
041 730 0234
Text: Johanna Kurela
Photos: Laura Happo
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