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Children´s Pirkkaset -Children's Culture Month

Children's Pirkkaset is a joint children's culture month in the municipalities of Pirkanmaa, during which children's culture is especially visible and heard all over Pirkanmaa.

Every year throughout February, the Children´s culture month program offers dozens of interesting and inspiring cultural events, workshops, exhibitions and camps produced by private actors, colleges, cultural centers and municipalities. The program is available on-site and virtually for children ages 0-12 and their families.

The next  Children´s Culture Month will be celebrated in February 2023.
Welcome aboard

Veera leans on her suitcase and smiles.

This year in Pirkkaset superpowers were sought

The theme of the year 2022, Super Power from Culture, led us to explore our own wonderful and new aspects. Superpower can be something tiny, fluffy or even loud! At the children's Pirkkaste events, you can go crazy, play games, build your own instrument or even turn into a space alien!

The touring performer of the month was Veera Degerholm, who is familiar with children's programs. Veera's Secret Residents show and Supervoimaa workshop were open to all parts of Pirkanmaa. In addition to this, the program offered dozens of interesting and inspiring cultural events produced by private actors, colleges, cultural centers and municipalities.

Pirkkaset-Network shares Information about Children´s Culture in Pirkanmaa

Pirkkanen is the joint children’s culture network of the Pirkanmaa region which promotes children’s cultural activities in the area. The activities started in autumn 2002 in the form of a children's culture project, Pirkkanen, in the Pirkanmaa sub-region. Today, Pirkkanen is a network that already covers most of the municipalities in Pirkanmaa.  

The most visible activities of the network include the Children’s culture month, Pirkkaset, organised every February, and the Pirkkaset mailing list, which is open to everyone and that provides information on the training, seminars and opportunities related to children’s culture in the region. 

Pirkkaset Working Group 2023-2024

Children´s culture network is coorinated by a working group which is established in 2007.
The composition of the working group will be updated every two years. Representatives from all municipalities in Pirkanmaa are invited to take part in the activities. The working group is lead by Marianna Lehtinen, the leading coordinator of children's culture in the city of Tampere, with the help of a working group of municipal representatives.

Members of the workin group:

Pirkko Pilvinen - Principle of Community College, Hämeenkyrö
Anna Toiva - Cultural Coordinator, Kangasala
Anni Riskala - Youth and Cultural worker, Pirkkala
Anne Mäki - Director of Early Childhood Education, Vesilahti
Pia Keltti - Cultural Coordinator, Nokia
Talvikki Torppa - Cultural Producer, Lempäälä
Niina Niiniluoto - Leading Coordinator, Tampere
Merja Kostamovaara - Coordinator, Tampere
Tuire Hänninen - Events Coordinator/Tampere Filharmonia, Tampere
Pia-Maria Ahonen - Principle of Community College, Orivesi
Elisa Vahosalmi - Leisure Activities Counselor, Parkano
Heli Vuohelainen – Intendant, Suomen Kirjainstituutti, Sastamala
Annastiina Airaksinen - Cultural and Marketing Producer, Ylöjärvi
Henna Ruostila - Youth and Sports Secretary, Juupajoki
Henriikka Helpiola - Youth Counselor, Mänttä-Vilppula
Taina Nieminen - Cultural Secretary, Ruovesi
Minna Edgren - Head of Deparment, Valkeakoski

For more information: Coordinator Niina Niiniluoto
050 364 6134

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Updated 19.5.2022