Visiting schools and daycare centers in Tampere

Tampere schools will start taking some visitor groups again, at principals' discretion.

Update 21.3.2022

Tampere is the third biggest city by population and the signpost of educational development in Finland. Visiting our schools and kindergartens is a highlight for many international visitors interested in the Finnish success in PISA. People from all over the world travel to Tampere in order to find out how Finnish schools and kindergartens work and enable such efficient and versatile learning. We host a large number of visitors every year – in the academic year 2016–2017, there were around a thousand visitors.

In order to visit a comprehensive school or a daycare center in Tampere, please email us and tell us about your interests, preferred dates, group size, your organisation and the professional background of your group.


For visits to early childhood education and preschool education, please contact: Head of Services Pia Mikkola

Email address is in the format [email protected]

For visits to basic education schools, please contact Coordinator Riikka Gummerus

Schools mainly welcome visits between September and November, as well as between January and April. August is dedicated to starting the new academic year while December and May have a lot of exams and other end of term special activities.

In June and July all schools and preschools are closed and only a small selection of kindergartens are open.

You can make wishes as to which school or daycare center you want to visit. However, it cannot be guaranteed that you will be able to visit any specific center requested.

Look at the typical days of Finnish day nurseries and comprehensive schools


Administrative fee

  • 200 € / visit

Visit fee

  • 15 € / person /day (max 3 hours, school lunch not included)
  • 20 € / person / day (max 3 hours, including school lunch)
  • 25 € / person / day (max 6 hours, including school lunch)

Expert presentation fee

  • 300 € / hour (obligatory on at least one day during the visit)

A value added tax (VAT) of 24% will be added to all prices.

Please note

We only send invitation letters after the full payment of the visit has been paid. The invitation letter is only written for the days of your school visit. The invitation letter does not guarantee an accepted visa application. If your visa application is not accepted, the payment for the school visit will not be returned.

The visits fees are not charged if the visit involves a reciprocal agreement or is a part of an operation between twin cities.

Updated 9.6.2022