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A survey about discrimination – Answer before 9th of June

Published 31.5.2019 14.17

The City of Tampere collects information about discrimination experienced by residents or otherwise encountered in the city. The information is used when updating the statutory equality plan. This survey seeks to establish an understanding of the kinds of discrimination people encounter in Tampere.

Ihmisiä Keskustorilla.

The experience of being discriminated against is always real and has a significant impact on a person’s well-being. However, inappropriate treatment or treatment that feels unequal is not always discrimination. Discrimination can be defined as treating a person worse than others in an identical situation solely on the basis of a personal characteristic. By intervening in and anticipating situations that result in experiences of discrimination, equality and well-being among people can be improved.

Questionnaire available until 9th of June 2019

Electric questionnaire is available in Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian and Somalian:

Printed questionnaire on paper is available at wellfare centers (Hervanta, Lielahti, Linnainmaa, Tesoma), info center Frenckell, Metso Library and Migration info center Mainio. Questionnaire on paper is available in Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian, Somalian and Arabian.

Further information

Disability and accessibility ombudsman Hanna Karojärvi Tel. +358 40 801 6188

Trainee Samuel Bashmakov

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