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Language studies

The main language of tuition at the Finnish International School of Tampere is English.

All students also take Finnish lessons, and Swedish lessons from sixth grade onwards. In addition, students can pick optional languages starting in third grade. The City of Tampere also organises optional instruction in the student’s own mother tongue.

English studies

The main language of tuition for all FISTA students is English, meaning that most subjects are instructed in English. In addition, all students take English lessons from first grade onwards (so called A1 language).

Students in grades 7-9 can choose between the bilingual and international lines of study. You can read more about them on the page Study lines and optional courses.

Finnish studies

All FISTA students take Finnish lessons. Depending on their Finnish skills, the pupils study Finnish in groups with other students with a similar skill level. Finnish is an obligatory subject in every grade.

Most students whose first language is Finnish join Finnish as a first language lessons. However, if for example the family has stayed abroad for a long time and the students need extra support in their Finnish studies, they can also go to Finnish as a second language classes.

Students whose mother tongue is not Finnish can join Finnish as a second language instruction at their own level.

Swedish studies

According to the Finnish curriculum all basic education students must study both official languages, Finnish and Swedish. Swedish is a compulsory subject from sixth to ninth grade.

Optional languages

It’s possible for students to start an optional language (so called A2 language) from third grade onwards. The options offered at FISTA follow the City of Tampere language plan and are Spanish, French or German. Different groups may start in different years. The optional language is studied for two lessons per week for the rest of basic education (grades 3-9).

Instruction in the student's own mother tongue

In addition, the City of Tampere organises voluntary instruction in the student’s own mother tongue. The two weekly lessons are free of charge and might be at FISTA or at another school.

Instruction in the pupil's native language

Updated 17.1.2024