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Terms and semesters

School year 2023-2024

Spring term 2024 08.01.2024-01.06.2024
Spring term holidays
26.02.2024-03.03.2024 Winter holiday
28.03.2024-01.04.2024 Easter holiday
01.05.2024 May Day
09.05.2024 Ascension Day

School year 2024-2025

Autumn term 2024 07.08.2024-20.12.2024
Autumn term holidays
14.10.2024-20.10.2024 Autumn holiday
06.12.2024 Independence Day

Spring term 2025 07.01.2025-31.05.2025
Spring term holidays
24.02.2025-02.03.2025 Winter holiday
17.04.2025-17.04.2025 Easter holiday
01.05.2025 May Day
29.05.2025 Ascension Day


Term and holiday times for City of Tampere schools

Daily schedules

School year 2023-2024



Grade 1 Mon, Tue and Fri

1st lesson 08.30 - 09.15
2nd lesson 09.30 - 10.15
3rd lesson 11.00 - 11.45
4th lesson 11.45 - 12.30
5th lesson 12.45 - 13.30
6th lesson 13.45 - 14.30

Grades 2-6, and grade 1 on Wed and Thu

1st lesson 08.15 - 09.00
2nd lesson 09.05 - 09.50
3rd lesson 10.00 - 11.00
4th lesson 11.15 - 12.00
5th lesson 12.15 - 13.00
6th lesson 13.15 - 14.00
7th lesson 14.05 - 14.50

Grades 7-9

1st lesson 08.15 - 09.00
2nd lesson 09.15 - 10.00
3rd lesson 10.15 - 11.00
4th lesson 11.15 - 12.00
5th lesson 12.35 - 13.20
6th lesson 13.30 - 14.15
7th lesson 14.20 - 15.05
8th lesson 15.15 - 16.00

School rules

These rules apply to all basic education schools operated by the City of Tampere.

1. Purpose and application of the rules

The school rules promote internal order, unhindered learning, and safety and wellbeing in the school community. These school rules and the current Finnish legislation apply to all students during school hours and in all teaching locations. 

The school hours cover all lessons on the student’s schedule, the school lunch, breaktimes, morning and after school clubs, school trips and other school events. The rules apply in the school building(s), school yard and all other spaces and locations that are used for teaching.

2. Rights and responsibilities of a student

All students have an equal status, educational basic and human rights, and a right to a safe learning environment. Students must not bully or discriminate against others, or endanger the safety or health of other students, the school community or learning environment. If a student notices any bullying, harassment or violence, they must report it to an adult. The student shall attend basic education, to perform their duties conscientiously and behave appropriately. 

3. Safety, wellbeing, and unhindered learning 

3.1 Good manners 

All students are considerate of each other, use appropriate language, follow good manners and let others study and work in peace. Students must not use other people’s text or images in their schoolwork without citing sources. It’s forbidden to publish a photograph or video taken of another person without their permission on the internet, social media, or other public space. Students must not touch other people’s property without their permission. The student must notify a staff member of any damage they might have caused.  Students are liable for any damages they cause, following the Tort Liability Act. 

3.2 Lessons, breaktimes and school premises 

Students spend their breaktimes in assigned breaktime areas and follow the instructions given by the supervising teacher. If necessary, the student must ask the supervising teacher for help. Students arrive at lessons on time, and after the lesson leave for the break without delay. Students do not leave the school premises during the school day without permission from a teacher.

3.3 Tidiness, environment and respecting property 

Every student contributes to taking care of the environment, and the tidiness of the school building and yard. Every student must take good care of school property and study materials.

3.4 Safety 

The student shall follow the school rules and breaktime rules to contribute to safety at school. For safety reasons, all vehicles must be left in their assigned places during the school day. 

3.5 Smart devices (computers, tablets and phones) 

The student must not use or keep visible smart devices without permission during lessons, other teaching or school lunch. The student makes sure that the devices in question do not cause any disturbances during the school day.

3.6 Substance abuse and dangerous objects 

The possession and use of tobacco products, electronic cigarettes, alcohol, drugs or other intoxicating substances is forbidden. Students are not allowed to bring to school sharp blades, lighters, matches or other fire starting tools, or other objects that are dangerous or designed to harm people or property. 

3.7 Disciplinary action

The possible punishments for not following the rules are: discussion with teacher or principal, message to guardians, removal from the classroom or other space used for teaching, educational disciplinary discussion, detention, written warning, denying education for the remainder of the school day, doing homework after the school hours, cleaning, checking for and confiscating forbidden items or substances, and suspension for a set period of time. 

4. Monitoring and reviewing the rules

These are the school rules for all basic education schools operated by the City of Tampere from 1.8.2023 onwards. The school rules are used as a basis for evaluating the student’s behaviour. The rules are available at the school website and in the school building. 

The school rules are discussed with the students and guardians are informed about them every school year. The rules are reviewed regularly.

This is a translation of the official document, which is in Finnish.

Recommendations for ensuring safe travel to and from school 

  • Use the safest, not necessarily the shortest route to school.
  • Follow traffic rules and regulations. Do not pass through private property or residential buildings’ yards. Cross Satakunnankatu and Sepänkatu at traffic lights.
  • Coming to school by bike is not recommended for 1st and 2nd graders.
  • If you have to drive your child to school, we recommend stopping or parking a bit a few blocks away from the school and walking from there. There is no parking available in the school yard. The City of Tampere recommends using buses and trams when coming to school.
Updated 18.4.2024