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Basic education in visual arts – Sara Hildén Academy

Graafinen pöllö, kettu ja ihmishahmo.

Spring term schedule 2024

Spring term 8.1.–31.5.2024
No lessons on 1.5.2024 and 9.5.2023

Sara Hildén Academy

Sara Hildén Academy is part of Tampere Adult Education Centre, which is operated by the City of Tampere.

Our main task is to provide basic education in visual arts for children and young people in accordance with the extended syllabus. We also offer adults basic art education in accordance with the extended syllabus.

In addition, we organise visual arts courses for children, young people and adults, as well as visual arts workshops for school classes and pre-school groups by order of the Cultural Education Unit TAITE’s Art Arc cultural education programme.

The school’s teachers are art teachers, visual artists and visual professionals. The instruction provided by the school is subject to a fee.

Basic education in visual arts

Basic education in the arts is goal-oriented education progressing from one level to another, which provides the pupils with the skills to express themselves and also apply for vocational and higher education in the field. The activities are based on the Basic Art Education Act.

The instruction provides pupils with the ability to express themselves visually. The instruction develops imagination and a sense of nuances. In addition, the instruction develops creative problem-solving capacity and ecological and aesthetic attitudes. The aim of studies is to create long-term study motivation and a hobby, and it also provides a good basis for vocational studies in visual arts.

Visual arts school for children and young people

The visual arts school provides instruction for children and young people in accordance with the extended syllabus in basic education in the arts. The activities take place on average once a week in the evenings.

General studies

The studies consist of basic studies and advanced studies. The basic studies last for six years, cover 800 hours and include students aged 7–14.

The studies progress from playful familiarisation to different forms of visual artistic expression. At the age of 10 to 12, the pupil selects each year the desired weighting for their studies: two-dimensional work (drawing, painting, graphics, textiles, comics), three-dimensional work (shaping, construction, design, architecture basics) or media art (photography, moving image).

The studies for 13–14-year-olds include two optional workshops each academic year.

During the basic studies, the pupil compiles a portfolio of their work, and at the end of the studies the pupil receives a certificate.

Advanced studies

The scope of advanced studies is 500 hours. The studies include optional workshops for each semester, which will be organised in early evenings. The workshops that can be selected include drawing, painting, comic art, graphics and textiles, architecture, ceramics, photography and mobile images, and a modern art workshop for everyone.

During or at the end of the advanced studies, the pupil completes the final work and the related portfolio in the field of visual arts of their choice.

At the same time, the certificate of completion of advanced studies is a certificate of completion of the extended syllabus in basic education in visual arts.

Fees for children

Tuition fees for basic education in visual arts vary according to the pupil’s age and studies. In academic year 2022–2023, tuition fees are from 120 euros to 181 euros. The tuition fee includes the basic materials and tools used in teaching.

Art courses for children and young people

The pupils are admitted to the visual arts courses for the term of one academic term in the order in which they enrol, and each group can accommodate 10–12 pupils. The course fee includes teaching and all materials.

Enrolment in the courses takes place in the Tampere Adult Education Centre’s enrolment system at

Basic education in visual arts for adults

Basic education in visual arts for adults is a diverse and extensive syllabus that lasts a total of six academic years. The education is based on the Basic Art Education Act.

Basic education in visual arts in accordance with the extended syllabus deepens the adult’s personal relationship with visual arts and supports their identity as an artist. Each year, the studies progress from one level to another. The aim is to achieve a broad view of the different areas of visual arts, art history and current phenomena. The instruction provides the students with capabilities for their own visual production either as an in-depth hobby or as training for vocational studies.

Basic studies familiarise the student with the most common visual art methods and develop personal visual expression. Basic studies last four academic years, or about 800 hours.

Advanced studies provide the opportunity to focus on the student’s own interests. Advanced studies last two academic years, or about 500 hours.

The studies take place on Friday evenings, and there are also weekend courses and independent work.

Those who have completed studies in basic education in the arts elsewhere may enquire about places that may become available by contacting [email protected].

Fees for adults

The tuition fee for year 2022–2023 is 189 €. The tuition fee includes the basic materials and tools used in teaching. In addition to the tuition fee, the students must obtain some materials as the studies progress.

Customer service

The office at Sara Hildén Academy is open from Monday to Thursday at 12.00–15.30 and on Friday at 12.00–15.00. If you have any inquiries related to studying or students please call 041 730 3089 or contact us by email: [email protected]

Aila Lemmetty
040 806 3582
Jonne Kauko
040 159 2901
Heidi Saramäki
Visual arts school is lead by the assistant principal.
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Personnel's email addresses are: [email protected].

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