Tammerkoski upper secondary school

Tammerkoski Upper Secondary School is a small universe of its own

Our school is centrally located along good transport connections. The bright and comfortable facilities are equipped with modern technology that meets, for example, the requirements set by the digital matriculation examination. However, the most important thing for us is the school's positive and liberal atmosphere. TAMLU is an easy place to come to!

At Tammerkoski Upper Secondary School (TAMLU for short), you can choose your studies from a wide range of study units and enjoy studying in modern and well-equipped classrooms. There are not many upper secondary schools that can offer their students not only classroom facilities, but also opportunities to use a stage, café, auditorium, gym and city branch library.

In addition to general upper secondary school studies, we have a specific educational mission of visual arts and design granted by the Ministry of Education and Culture. TAMLU offers general upper secondary school subjects and, if you so wish, you can also select study units from an extensive offering of visual arts and design study units.

Tammerkoski Upper Secondary School provides you with a safe and future-oriented learning environment where many people find like-minded company. No matter whether you consider yourself particularly ordinary or unusually special, TAMLU is a good place for you. Both our students and our teachers consider TAMLU a small universe of its own.

The key values of Tammerkoski Upper Secondary School include fairness, togetherness, non-discrimination and a sustainable lifestyle. Furthermore, our operations are guided by truth, equality, faith in the future, flexibility and moderation. We value knowledge and education as well as skills, creativity and a positive attitude towards culture.

Our general upper secondary school also encourages students to do, experience and learn things together. Different starting points, skills and abilities are seen as a resource. Students take responsibility for their own studies, working environment and themselves as members of the school community and builders of a good working atmosphere.

Instead of placing emphasis on performance only, we also encourage students to be persistent: I try, I do, I can.

Tammerkoski upper secondary school

Sammonkatu 2 33540 Tampere
040 8007229 (phone, local/mobile network fee) 040 8064079 (phone, local/mobile network fee)

Matti Hännikäinen
Maarit Luhtala
Vice principal
040 806 4080